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IAS is the on-line Industrial Allocation System for submitting application on the use of industrial premises to the Central Building Plan Unit of NEA. The applicant is advised to seek the owner's approval on the proposed use of the industrial premises.

All written communication in connection with the application will be made through e-mail to the applicant at the e-mail address provided.

This form may take at least 30 minutes to complete depending on the complexity of the proposal. You will need the following information to complete the application form:

  • Personal particulars and contact number/e-mail address of applicant;
  • Name of company/occupier and address of the industrial premises;
  • Details of proposed activities carried out at the premises including raw materials, chemicals used/stored; fuel burning equipment; sources and nature of air pollutants/wastewater generation/noise pollution and pollution control equipment; volume of water consumption and trade effluent discharge including peak discharge flow rate; and types of toxic and solid industrial waste generated including the methods of disposal.
    Important Notes
    New Application: To submit fresh application.
    Existing Application: To retrieve and view/edit your application.
    Application Status Online: Owing to the high volume of IA applications, we seek your understanding and cooperation to check the application status online. Applicant should login to the system, click the “Existing Application” link on the left hand side of the homepage and then enter the Case ID of the IA application. Information on the processing officer and the contact particulars would also be displayed to enable the applicant to make further enquiries directly with the processing officer if a reply is not received after seven working days.
    Processing Timeframe: Processing of IA applications will take at least seven (7) working days upon receipt of complete and accurate submission of all required documents. More time will be required for complex applications requiring consultations with other agencies (URA, PUB, HDB, JTC, AVA, etc).
    Classification of Trade/Use: Please click this hyperlink Appendices 1 to 4 of the Code of Practice on Pollution Control
    Classification of Premises: Please click this hyperlink URA Master Plan
    Pollution Control Guideline: Please click this hyperlink Code of Practice on Pollution Control
    Please ensure that your attached documents do not exceed 2MB in size.
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